This Woman Almost Filed For A Divorce After Seeing The Photo Below



They met at a young age

Sara has been in a relationship with Mark since she was only 15. As you can imagine, these two have grown up together. They got so close almost immediately after their paths crossed. There was a very good reason for this though.

Sara and Mark had their first encounter when she and a few of her friends were hanging out at a warehouse that had been around for a long time.  There were so many people squatting at the warehouse which also served as the perfect spot for parties. These parties were of course thrown by the young people without police knowledge and because of that, they were very popular in this small town. The old warehouse was therefore a very popular place amongst these youngsters.

At the time, Mark had already been living at this warehouse for just a few weeks. When Sarah arrived with a group of friends, Mark was initially very quiet. He did not even try to communicate with Sara or anyone else. He saw it best to sit alone and of all places he could have sat in solitude, he went outside. He was there for the better part of the night.

The rest of the squatters at the warehouse had been living there for a much longer period of time. They told Sara and her group of friends that ever since Mark had gotten there, he always preferred to stay outdoors alone. They really didn’t like that he was so antisocial. However, they did not have it in them to chase him considering he really had nowhere else to go.