Want a Healthier Heart? Eat These 33 Superfoods!



Are you ready to start a new chapter to a healthier lifestyle? Well, the best place to kick off your new life is by altering your diet. Below, we’d like to introduce you to a wide variety of food types people have deemed “superfoods,” which are known to improve heart health. Countless research shows that with a balanced diet, you can keep cardiovascular diseases and complications at bay. So, check out what foods you need to take for a healthier heart!


There’s not a person on the planet who doesn’t enjoy a bit of citrus in the morning. Oranges don’t just make for a great flavoring (even the zest can add a hint of flavor to desserts and stews), but the juicy wedges are chock-full of vitamin C. You’ll also find all kinds of minerals and nutrients in each orange, including potassium and pectin. Just peel the bitter pith off the wedges and you’ve got a great midday snack!