We Can Barely Recognize These Celebs After Their Incredible Weightloss Transformations!



Trying to maintain a lean body or keeping your weight in check for several people is a big struggle. This is including celebrities. If anything, it could be a major source of stress on celebrities and other famous people since they are consistently in the public eye. They are always being judged and scrutinized either silently or in public. In most cases, people look up to them for different reasons including how they look. However, there are many other reasons why celebrities lose weight or even add some pounds to their bodies. You will get to see and understand that more from this list. That said, prepare yourself for a big shock when you get to number 13 and see this star’s amazing change.

1. Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt first captured our dear hearts playing the role of Andrew Dwyer, a carefree and dumb guy on NBC’s sitcom called Parks and Recreation. That said, it was when he was cast into the Marvel Universe that it became inevitable for him to transform into a totally different character. He played the badass, well-built superhero, Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. If you saw him today, you’d find it hard to imagine him as the loveable chubster from his days on the sitcom, considering how super suave he is today.